Thursday, October 1, 2015

Journey of Being a Mother

The Journey of Being a Mother

Motherhood is one of the most challenging yet precious moment every woman can experience. Being a mother is not an obligation hence it is lifelong responsibility to be always there for your child. It is a fulfilling career that is requires patience, understanding and forgiveness. To become a mother and a wife can be the most successful career that I have ever done in my life. This blog is about my life not just a mother, a wife, but also a professional woman.


I am a married women with two children, one boy and one girl. I was married at the age of 28 and now I’m at my early 30’s. I started this blog so I would have a place to vent when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and my 1st child was only a toddler. I am not ashamed of my experiences and choices I have made with my life and I want to share them with others so they will not be ashamed either. This serves an inspiration to all woman of different ages to continue living there dreams even if it seems impossible.


I was a top performer and an achiever sales representative when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. I was crushed and I thought that it will be the end of my career since the company that I worked for does not allow woman being pregnant without a husband. My boyfriend and I decided to get married but it does not save me from staying in the company. My boss made a way so I can be one of the employees to be laid off because of my pregnancy.


I was in deep sorrow at that time, I have no appetite to eat, I always lock myself out in the room and my hair starts to fall out due to stress. I did not mind my pregnancy until I started bleeding, I was rushed to the hospital and my Gynecologist told me that I need to take care of myself or else I will lose my child. It was an eye awakening sign for me to stop dwelling in the past and continue living in the present.


My life changed ever since I deliver my first child, I started to become positive in life and I continued searching for a great career that I can offer my skills and abilities. Right now, I work as a freelance content writer and an officer for public relations. With the kind of work that I do, I will have more time to spend with my family yet I can be productive with the career that I enjoyed most. I believe that being a mother is not a hindrance to become successful in life. You just need to look at the bright side of the things that is happening to your life.


I get most my work as a freelancer from an online web directory that allows me to list my services. That directory has been such a blessing.



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