Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Been an Exhausting Year so Far

It's Been an Exhausting Year so Far

It’s been an exhausting season for me since I needed to focus on some of my students who cannot follow the routine in our upcoming performance that will happen next year. First, of course, I need to get a good music that will suit the entire performance. Something smooth that will bring the audience at the edge of their seats. So, I decided to visit some music stores and ask some friends who works in the music industry to look for a good playlist that I can listen to.

Aside from being busy looking for a good music to follow, my students and I have been working out to get rid of those unnecessary fats. Everyone is expecting us to have at least perfect curves so we have to give it to them.

So, the first thing I advise my students is to eat healthy and exercise daily. I am aware that it’s hard to go on a diet especially this holiday season, knowing that the best food in town are placed in our and relatives’ tables. Thus, I also told them to get some diets that work fast, the some diet pills that I have been using and recommending for the past years. This really helps me to achieve the body that I want despite this age.

I told my students to enjoy the Christmas season but I also told them to think of our upcoming performance. It’s been a great year for us. So I want to start next year with a bang!

I think discipline is the best thing that they can have for the meantime. Well, we all need it just in case I forgot that I still need to teach them after this break. Haha!

My colleagues used to tease me about this performance. They have been waiting for the day to come. Last year, I remember, we needed to perform ballet on a tune of Wicked Musical. That was indeed one of the greatest performances of my life and we did get standing ovation from that. So I hope that it will continue next year and for the upcoming years. Teaching ballet is my passion and it is the love of my life. If I will be given a chance to change my career in my next life, I will still choose the same path and career.



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