Friday, October 9, 2015

Our Earlier V-Day Performance

Our Valentine’s day performance is one of the most-awaited performances for the year that is why everyone is giving their utmost time and efforts for it. After the holiday season, I told my students to work out and undergo diet so that they will lose all the fats they got back then. We are doing all the best that we can to give everything for this. We can’t miss this one.

I told my students that I already prepared the music that we are going to use for the performance. I have already completed the line up so they they can familiarize themselves with it. Since it is a performance for Valentine’s day, it should be soulful and romantic. Something that would bring the audience on the edge of their seats.

We will be accompanied by a violin ensemble too. I gave them the music sheets so they can prepare while we are practicing. Our school designer also gave me the sketch of the stage design. It will be filled with red roses and white ribbons. I believe that all of these will help the performance more romantic than everyone expects.

I am inviting our alumni, mostly couples, to witness this kind of performance. Most of the invitations were already sent and most of them have already confirmed their attendance for Heart’s Day Event.

One problem though, my colleague who also teaches ballet is suffering from flea bites so she has not been attending the classes for two weeks now.

She visited her dermatologist to get some medication and she is getting better everyday. I advised her that if she really cannot avoid keeping her cats, then she should get some flea treatment
for cats so she won’t have any problems in the future. Good thing that she listened to me and she sees that her cat looks better now.


We cannot miss a day of practice. As a ballet teacher for two decades now, my job requires me to give the best in every performance. I brought my students in international competitions and we have been taking home so many trophies.

I also don’t want my students to be pressured because it will just add burden on their performance. I taught them to relax, meditate, and think of happy moments as much as possible so that is what they are going to feel when they give their shot.

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