Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Throughout My Life

Throughout my life, I have believed that some things in life come more by luck and genetics, and less by hard work. In other words, not everything can be achieved with mere struggle. You need to be in sync with your good luck to attain the best of everything. Ballet, for example, is something that everyone can learn but only few can master.


Take me for instance; I was naturally inclined to the fragile yet powerful beauty of this form of expression when I was too young to understand intricate concepts of life. This feeling – this love for ballet – has been inborn to me and my ballet teacher knew I had some spark from day one. While other girls would trip and collapse in every futile attempt of balancing their body on their toes, I would take less time in attaining the natural balance/equilibrium for dance. It took me some time to learn the basics too, but my flow had been smoother and more effective – and this showed in my every final performance.


This goes to explain why I am always inclined to think that struggle is futile while fate is at work. You can fight hard times but you can’t quite fight your luck. Well, maybe my luck for ballet really had to keep me busy for 40 years of my life, and mind you, all this time has taught me that ballet is really not for everyone. Amateurs can learn and perform – but real performers shine because they are natural performers.


They really have some unique character that is tough at attain with sever hard work although the power of consistency and determination should never be underrated.


My luck has also had tough time with hair matters too, I guess. Now, I see my hair roots getting silver – and this is indeed the yawn of old age. It doesn’t trouble me. What troubles me though is the fact that my hair is getting brittle, falling off a lot and thinning away.


As for those who are losing their charm for this art because they think they’re not made for it, well, give it some time – you may be just a step away from unlocking your lucky craft at this thing. Patience, they say, pays off.

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