Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reveal the Surprise...or Not

As I sat down on my chair, looking at my students as they perfectly dance ballet I come to reminisce my good old days when I was also started dancing. I was very dedicated as a student and live the life of ballet to the fullest. I come to master the grace and style of dancing.


Having a family of my own as I teaches ballet, I come to understand the beauty that life brings. I manage to maintain my beautiful career while taking good care of my two lovely daughters. The journey of my life continue to shower me a lot of blessing and showered me with daily learnings. Being a ballet teacher teach me to become classy at all times. The poised that I learned serves me well even if I’m in the house. My husband always noticed how organized I am when it comes to cleaning our house and arranging our stuff in the cabinets. I always make sure that my daughters will learn to master the art of cleaning by fixing their own stuff. I became an obsessive compulsive in the way that I work with perfection.


I am very engage with the details of my work and the things inside our house. I am also fascinated with colors and scents that’s when one my colleague in the Ballet School told me about this fantastic candles. This was not just an ordinary candles, it is like the candle that embodies myself. Its perfect creation down to its magical surprise amazed every part of me. I immediately purchased all the colors that these candle provides and when it was delivered I was perfectly happy with the scent it gives throughout our house. I also gave it as a present to some of my friends and best student in ballet and they were very delighted.

I wanted to take them with my when I was traveling but the airport told me I couldn’t bring them on the plane. They have so many rules and regulations now!!! I can’t even bring anything over like 3 ounces on the plane.



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