Wednesday, September 23, 2015

First time I ever Stepped into a Dance Studio

I remember the very first time I stepped into a dance studio- I was 6 years old and it had taken me about a week of persuasion to get my parents to allow me to take up ballet classes.
I was a very shy little girl but as shy as I was, I knew every little girl had to be a ballerina or at least take ballet classes at one point of their lives. My older sister was also taking up ballet at the time, so sometimes I think she is to blame.
As young as I was, I knew that I was going to fall in love with ballet for a long time which was eventually what happened. I had fallen and fallen hard and the next 30+ years of my life have been spent dancing my heart out.
I worked very hard over the next years and most of it was trying to find the best style of ballet for me. Eventually, I  was able to settle with neoclassical ballet although to say that I am not skilled in classical or contemporary ballet would be a downright insult to my ballet skills.
I have been a part of many ballet showcases and plays and have played leading roles in a lot of them and I am proud of every single role I’ve played. If you asked me what my favorite ballet is, I would have to say that it is Don Quixote de la Mancha because of it’s rarity. Although I will not be discussing it on this entry but if you do some research, you will find that the history of this ballet is very interesting which is why it is my favorite.
My journey with ballet has been a very interesting one, indeed. From a little girl who wanted to wear a pink tutu to a young teenager who could not wait to get her first pointes and now, a middle aged woman who has made ballet her career. Yes, I am now a ballet instructor and I am passing on my skills to those who have learned to love ballet, as well.
In a very modern world wherein everyone is dancing hip-hop and “twerking”, there is still room for the classics such as ballet. We do not disown anything modern and in fact, encourage the fusion of different forms of dance. You learn to realize that dancing is art and it should be expressed in the best way any person knows how.

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