Sunday, September 27, 2015

Passion for my Students

Living my life independently gives me a lot of reason to cherish every achievement that I received throughout my career as a ballet teacher. Being in the Music Academy for more than 20 years thought me a lot about life, music and good health. Ballet for me is not just a form of dance but is the way of life. It is like my inspiration to continually strive for the better and become the best for my students. My life as a ballet teacher mold me to whom I am now—my attitude towards life. My students becomes my second family and they look me up as their second mother who will cheer them up and comfort them along the way.


The challenges that I face throughout my career makes me a strong woman that I am now. I face every fear with courage and dignity that makes me achieve success in life. Many of my friends, co-workers and students were very amazed on how I maintained poised even in a very stressful situation. Well, it is just a matter of breathing and staying calm which I learned throughout my career. I become my own teacher to reach the perfection of living ballet. I always practice the ways of ballet in everything that I do because I believe that in order to maintain the proficiency of being a great ballet teacher is to live the music of ballet.


Being in the industry where classical gestures is always upfront, I make sure that I take good care of myself that I also impart to my students. Being a ballerina requires a lean but strong body, I need to maintain a perfect body image. That’s why I make sure that I maintained a healthy lifestyle and daily exercise. But as a 40 year old woman, my body deteriorates as well its mechanism. Sometimes I easily get tired even with slow movements. Being a self-proclaimed perfectionist that I am,

Everyone always finds it funny that I love video games. To this day I will play xbox at night, I grew up with it. At least it’s something I can have in common with my kids.


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